Lineage results

The recent update on the group results can be found in the Lineage section:

One of the notable features of the results is the diversity of ancestral lines within the group; there are currently 19 separate ancestral lines which have acquired the surname independently from each other.  This corresponds to 19 unrelated individuals who have founded a Roche family line from approximately 1200 AD onwards.  Of the 19 separate ancestral lines, there is one major lineage which comprises approximately 25% of Roche families, and 2 minor lineages.  In addition there are 2 possible lineages which require confirmation by the upgrading of markers to either 25 or 37.

Any comments, questions or discussion on the current results are most welcome.

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4 Responses to Lineage results

  1. Marlo Roache David says:


    I just found this site, and I am wondering about information on the tracing of the Roache surname in the United States. Any members have information on how this name might have traveled to the US?

    Thank you.

    • roche lineages says:

      The spelling of the surname is not important, thus Roache should be regarded the same as Roche or Roach. The spelling can be quite interchangeable, even within the same family line.

      There are probably 2 main migration periods of the Roche/Roach/Roache surname into the US from the UK and Ireland; early to mid 1700’s, and post 1850’s.

  2. Craig kuhns says:

    I was told my great plus grand mother I was a contess in Ireland and change lname from la roach to roche

  3. Susan Manning nee Hodgson says:

    I have been trying to trace the family of my Great grandmother Mary Teresa Roche Born 1877. She married my Great Grandfather William Rettie Pratt. They lived in Melbourne Victoria Australia. She died in Abbortsford. Does anyone have any info?? I’m really stuck…thanks…

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