National DNA Day promotion from FTDNA

FamilyTree DNA is having a special promotion for National DNA Day, Friday 15 April.  Details are as follows:

DNA Day is April 15th! Starting at 12:00 PM on April 14th, join the celebration!

New customers:
Y-DNA12…… $59
Y-DNA37…… $129
…mtDNA……… $59
Family Finder… $199
Family Finder + Y-DNA12… $258
Family Finder + mtDNA…… $258
Family Finder + mtFullSequence + Y-DNA67 … $657

Y-DNA12 add-on … $59
Y-DNA12 to 37…… $69
Y-DNA37 to 67…… $79
Y-DNA12 to 67…… $148
mtDNA add-on …… $59
mtFull Sequence upgrade … $199
mtFull Sequence add-on … $219
Family Finder add-on … $199

To take advantage of these promotional prices use the coupon code: DNADAY2011

Offer valid from 12:00 PM CT(USA) on Thursday, April 14, until 11:59 PM CT(USA) on April 15, 2011.

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2 Responses to National DNA Day promotion from FTDNA

  1. Barbara Wilks says:

    My grandmother’s name was Agnes Gertrude Roche (maiden name). From the Charleston, South Carolina area.She died before I was born. Don’t really know about her or her family. Today is 1-19-2014 and I just found your web-site. I think I might be interested in the DNA testing. Would like more info. Thanks, Barbara Wilks, married name.

    • roche lineages says:

      Hi Barbara,
      The DNA testing is done on the Y chromosome, which only males carry. Therefore it can not be used on females or female ancestors which have the Roche name. You would need to find a direct male descendant of Agnes Gertrude Roche’s father, in order to do any testing.


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