Project update for 2011

During the year we had 5 new members join the group; two new members for Lineage #2,  two members for Lineage #4, and an additional member for the separate lineage section.

The results and discussion sections of the website have now been updated with the inclusion of the new members.

In case anyone was thinking of a marker upgrade, FTDNA has an end of year promotion with reduced prices until 31 December.

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3 Responses to Project update for 2011

  1. Joan Graves Morris says:

    My Grandmother (fathers side) was Lula Cindy Roach the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Roach ( 26 July 1846 Tippah, MS- 9 Oct 1915 Mt. Pleasant, TX) and Frances Elizabeth Deen . Wondering if there is way to Take DNA done under Graves Family Association that would show relationship to the Roach side?

    • roche lineages says:

      Hello Joan,
      Thanks for the query. Unfortunately it will not be possible to establish a connection with the various Roach lineages using DNA from the Graves family. You would need a direct male descendent from Thomas Jefferson Roach to do the Y-DNA test.

      kind regards,

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