Restoration of Roch Castle

Roch Castle in Pembrokeshire has recently been restored by the Retreats Group.  The castle has been refurbished to five star standards and is being offered as a venue for weddings, holidays, conferences or other events.  Details of the restoration and the Opening of the refurbished castle can be found on these links:

Retreat Group website

BBC website

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One Response to Restoration of Roch Castle

  1. Richard Russell says:

    I am new to this group and seeking my genetic ancestors since my father was adopted and a great grandfather (Russell) as well. My father’s birth certificate had NO father’s name listed but the mother,an Angela Roach. He was born in Omaha, NE, May 26, 1916 and adopted by Albert & Ura Russell in Ord, Nebraska. They are buried in Arcadia, NE, and amazingly enough, laid to rest beside Milton Roach.

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