Project update for 2012

During 2012 we had 7 new Y-DNA members join the group:

4 of the new members belong to Lineage 1,
one member belongs to Lineage 3,
one member belongs to Lineage 6, and
one member joins the separate ancestral lines grouping.

Further information can be found in the results and discussion sections of the site (please click these hyperlinks).

all the best for 2013,

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6 Responses to Project update for 2012

  1. Norm Roach says:

    Happy New Year, Peter. Thanks for your help, all year long.

  2. Paul Roche says:

    thanks Peter,

    fyi – I took part in the GENO 2.0 project which proved interesting, but alas, no new SNPs…

    Paul Roche N35071

  3. Mike Roach says:

    Thanks Peter!

    Mike Roach 247747

  4. I do not have all my mother’s (Margaret Roach Groom) family history with me; will email exact info after March 22, 2013 when I go home to Wisconsin; but this is what I can recall. Just became re-interested in this and found your website while in Florida. Very good info; thank you so much. My great-grandfather was John Roach, born 1845 in Dungarvin, County Waterford, Ireland, son of David, born about 1810 and Margaret Mahoney Roach, born about 1810; David and his 2 brothers all married Mahoney sisters in Ireland they were fishermen from Dungarvin, who immigrated to Northern Illinois in 1854. John married Mary Collins and they had 15 children. I have more info on the family and dates after the immigration; but not much from Ireland before their immigration. I will contact my only male cousin, Steve Roach and see if he will do a DNA test (he also has 2 Roach sons). I have one brother but he does not have the Roach surname.
    Which DNA test best meets the needs for the testing? Please reply to Carolyn Verhage

    • roche lineages says:

      Hello Carolyn,

      The recommended test is the Y-DNA 37, however Familytree DNA has a special price on the Y-DNA 12 kit for $39, see this link:

      you could start on the Y-DNA 12, given the very low price, and then do an upgrade from 12 to 37 markers at a later time, if desired. The 12 marker test will identify the haplogroup and provide a rough guide to ancestry within the Roche project.


  5. Destry Roach says:

    My name is Destry Wayne Roach, born March 12th, 1982 in Murray Kentucky, USA…. My father is Harold Ray Roach born August 04th, 1952, and born in Anniston, Alabama, USA. His Brother is Robert Darryl Roach born in the early 1960’s… he also has 2 other brothers named Edward(Eddie) Roach and Kenneth Roach in Centre, AL…. His Father was James Robert Roach, born in 1936, died in 2008, and was in the Navy in his youth(40’s and 50’s)….I don’t have my info right now, but James Robert Roach’s grandfather was R. Miles Roach
    Birth: Apr. 3, 1844 Westminster … Oconee County …South Carolina, USA
    Death: Oct. 15, 1931 ….DeKalb County …..Alabama, USA …………His name is spelled Mils Roach on his tombstone.
    His first wife was Martha (Two Quail) Patty, a Cherokee lady. He lived in Oconee Co, SC, before moving to Alabama in the late 1890’s. He lived in Calhoun Co, and moved to the Sand Mountain area before 1900. His second wife was Nettie Victoria Bryant. Miles was a Veteran of the Civil War serving with the South Carolina 22nd Infantry Regiment.
    Some of his family links…… Family links:
    Samuel R. Roach (1868 – 1956)
    John Washington Roach (1869 – 1948)
    Frances Louise Roach Price (1876 – 1948)
    Lillie Keenan Roach Pace (1883 – 1970)

    Here is some of his family info from a 1850 census, when he was only 8 or 9 yrs old….
    Father’s Name: James Roach
    Age: 30
    Birth Year: abt 1820
    Birthplace: South Carolina
    Home in 1850: Western Division, Pickens, South Carolina, USA

    Family Number: 394
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    James Roach 30
    Elizabeth Roach 28
    John Roach 14
    William Roach 12
    Henry Roach 11
    Miles Roach 9
    Baxter Roach 7
    Mirinda Roach 5
    Ava Roach 1

    Here is an 1860 or 1862 census, when he was 17 and serving in the Regiment 2
    Name: Miles Roach
    Age: 17
    Birth Year: abt 1843
    Gender: Male
    Birth Place: South Carolina
    Home in 1860: Regiment 2, Pickens, South Carolina
    Post Office: Whetstone
    Family Number: 1034

    Household Members:
    Name Age
    James Roach 44
    Elizabeth Roach 44
    Henry Roach 19
    Miles Roach 17
    Miranda Roach 15
    Baxter Roach 13
    Ara Roach 11
    Manda Roach 9
    Lina Roach 7
    Elias Roach 2

    Name: Miles Roach
    Company: D
    Unit: 22 South Carolina Infantry.
    Rank – Induction: Private
    Rank – Discharge: Private
    Allegiance: Confederate

    Name: R Miles Roach
    Birth Date: 3 Apr 1844
    Age at Death: 87
    Death Date: 15 Oct 1931
    Burial Place: Poplar Springs (Marshall County), Marshall County, Alabama, USA
    picture of gravestone and some info on him…..

    My email is ….. and my phone number is 251-525-3030, if I can be of any assistance( United States, by the way)

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