de la Roche medieval weekend

Heritage Llangwm have organised a de la Roche medieval weekend on 29 April – 1 May 2017 in Llangwm, Wales.  There will be a re-enactment of the wedding of Sir David and Lady Johanna de la Roche which took place on 16th April 1316.  The re-enactment will aim to accurately match the original event, with attendees dressed in medieval costume.  It will be followed by a medieval wedding banquet.  The following day will include a service at St. Jerome’s church which has recently been restored and various medieval field activities.

Detailed information can be found here: de-la-roche-medieval-weekend.  Heritage Llangwm can assist with organising accommodation for visitors and they are hoping that many Roche families will be able to attend the event.


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Heritage Llangwm Project and Roche DNA result

The Llangwm History Society has received a Heritage grant to research the Flemish settlement of South Pembrokeshire and restore St. Jerome’s Church.  The church was built towards the end of the 12th century by Flemish craftsmen and funded by the De la Roche family.

Part of the project involved DNA testing of seven men from the community who could trace an unbroken male line for the last 250 years.  The work was done in association with the Welsh TV Channel S4C and DNA Cymru.  The DNA results are mentioned in episode 4 of the TV program and it can viewed via this link.  The program is in Welsh and you must turn on the English subtitles in the audio section (DNA results are mentioned at the 41 minute mark).

One of the seven men was a Roach and the DNA results indicated that he belongs to the main ancestral lineage in the Roche DNA Project (lineage #1).  DNA Cymru have stated that this result links the Irish and Pembrokeshire families which descend from the original founder, Godebert the Fleming.

Further details of the Heritage Llangwm Project can be found on their website.


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Change of Y-DNA haplogroup names by FTDNA

Last year Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) changed their naming system for the Y-DNA haplogroups.  This has been a work in progress over the past year and there is still more work to be done by FTDNA.  The new naming convention replaces the well-known group names like R1b1a2 with the SNP shorthand version of the same haplogroup name, R-M269.  From this time forward, the haplogroups will be known by their SNP names and the longhand version is obsolete, although you will always see it in older documents, articles and papers.

A good explanation of the change can be found in this article:
2014 Y haplotree

Another article explains the new Y-DNA naming convention:
Y-DNA naming convention



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Project update for 2012

During 2012 we had 7 new Y-DNA members join the group:

4 of the new members belong to Lineage 1,
one member belongs to Lineage 3,
one member belongs to Lineage 6, and
one member joins the separate ancestral lines grouping.

Further information can be found in the results and discussion sections of the site (please click these hyperlinks).

all the best for 2013,

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Restoration of Roch Castle

Roch Castle in Pembrokeshire has recently been restored by the Retreats Group.  The castle has been refurbished to five star standards and is being offered as a venue for weddings, holidays, conferences or other events.  Details of the restoration and the Opening of the refurbished castle can be found on these links:

Retreat Group website

BBC website

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Project update for 2011

During the year we had 5 new members join the group; two new members for Lineage #2,  two members for Lineage #4, and an additional member for the separate lineage section.

The results and discussion sections of the website have now been updated with the inclusion of the new members.

In case anyone was thinking of a marker upgrade, FTDNA has an end of year promotion with reduced prices until 31 December.

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Articles on Roche history

Two articles on Roche history have been added to the “brief history” page on Roche Lineages.  The material in the articles were originally on Jim Roache’s website, however this site is no longer active.  Jim’s website had an extensive amount of Roche historical material and two edited articles are now available:

1.  Cambro – Irish Timeline (53 pages)

2.  Roch in Wales and Operation Ireland (27 pages)

In the future more edited articles from Jim Roache’s original website may be available on Roche Lineages.

Note: Please ignore any WordPress advertisements which may appear under these posts.  Do not click on any adverts, as the website may not be secure.

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National DNA Day promotion from FTDNA

FamilyTree DNA is having a special promotion for National DNA Day, Friday 15 April.  Details are as follows:

DNA Day is April 15th! Starting at 12:00 PM on April 14th, join the celebration!

New customers:
Y-DNA12…… $59
Y-DNA37…… $129
…mtDNA……… $59
Family Finder… $199
Family Finder + Y-DNA12… $258
Family Finder + mtDNA…… $258
Family Finder + mtFullSequence + Y-DNA67 … $657

Y-DNA12 add-on … $59
Y-DNA12 to 37…… $69
Y-DNA37 to 67…… $79
Y-DNA12 to 67…… $148
mtDNA add-on …… $59
mtFull Sequence upgrade … $199
mtFull Sequence add-on … $219
Family Finder add-on … $199

To take advantage of these promotional prices use the coupon code: DNADAY2011

Offer valid from 12:00 PM CT(USA) on Thursday, April 14, until 11:59 PM CT(USA) on April 15, 2011.

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Project Update

Best wishes for the New Year!

The results and discussion sections have been updated.  We have 8 additional DNA results since July 2010;  five from FTDNA and three from other companies, Ancestry, SMGF, and Genebase.

all the best,

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Family Tree DNA’s annual end-of-year promotion

Family Tree DNA currently have an “end-of-year” promotion for NEW KITS:

Y-DNA 37 marker kit
Regular price            $149
Promotional price    $119

Orders must be placed and paid for by 31 December to receive this offer.  Orders for new kits can be placed via this link:
Family Tree DNA Roache project

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