Roche Lineages welcomes all people who are interested in exploring their family history.  Since this family name came into existence, diverse spellings have evolved (Roche, Roach, Roache, Roch, etc).  For the most part, and contrary to popular opinion, these spelling variations are of little significance.

This family tree project will enable people to explore their deep ancestry and better understand the path that their ancestors have traveled.  It will also reveal connections between various branches of the Roche family tree.  The use of DNA genealogy has identified one main ancestral lineage which dates from 1200 AD.  Over 30% of all Roche/Roach families belong to this major branch.  We have also identified numerous smaller family lines which are separate from the main ancestral lineage.

This site is a continuation of the Roache surname group which is based at Family Tree DNA.  This DNA project is open to all spelling variations,  Roche, Roach, Roache, Roch, etc.  Likewise, if you have a DNA test from another company, please make contact; we can add your family line to our group.  Roche Lineages provides additional information for group members and any other people who have a connection with the surname.

If you are interested in exploring your Roche family tree, you should consider a simple DNA tested which is designed to reveal your ancestry.  Full details can be found in the “Join information” section.

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